Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Saturday Eve, OCT 4th at 5pm. A DANCE and PARTY!

New York Society For Ethical Culture's 
Ethics for Teen Leaders AND
Ethics for Children 
offer NYC a great treat!
People of every age in the great NYC diaspora are invited
to enjoy a wonderful evening of creative African dance
 by two international wonder-women of Ethical Culture:

Nina Ndjemba Elemva, 
NYSEC guest teacher of Ethics for Children, NYC
Simba Yangala, 
BSEC's children's teacher of Ethics for Children, Brooklyn


OCTOBER 4th, 5:00 pm
at NYSEC, 2 West. 64th Street, NY at Central Park West
Social Hall - basement floor
Bring Friends and Pot Luck treats!
Entry is free, 
inspired donations are welcome in support of the artists

Please RSVP if you can to EthicsForTeens@gmail.com

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The morning of the People's Climate March

On September 21, 2014....
Ethical Families & Friends, please gather for People's Climate March
at NYSEC, located at the corner of 64th Street and Central Park West, NYC

We will march with the American Ethical Union (AEU).

Which will march with the community of Humanists
Which will march to the Religion & Spirituality Contingent
Which will march together in the People's Climate March!

"Humanists" gathered in front of NYSEC's building at 10:30 will be greeted by each other and Ethical leaders there. AEU encourages us to wear BLUE.  The young folks encourage us to dress up playfully with the earth's themes and bring awesome signage, etc. There are hopes for children/families to be front and center in the Ethical contingent.

The group will be guided forth on a mini-March of Humanists to a gateway site for the Climate March. Our gateway site is located at 58th street and 8th Avenue.  Here, we will join a diverse array of all other "groups of religion and spirituality" who will be waiting to file into the ever-larger Climate March in an organized and ordered fashion. There will be a multi-religious invocation offered here  which will include The representation of humanism, among many world-visions. 

Deed Club on 9/14/14:  Audrey, Isaiah, Terrie, Favio, Jenna, Cecilia

 There is no pressure on families and young ones in particular to last all day. Some things that would help: small snacks and water, song-games for walking, sharable games for waiting times, small notebooks or books for kids to process their experience. Any other ideas?

Here is a banner made by Teen Deed Club! 
Congratulations for awesome, sincere and creative collaboration!

The Deed Club group plus Nina!